Warm Herb Seed Bundle

Break out your recipes for stews, soups, roasts, and sauces. The Warm Herb Seed Bundle offers up bold, earthy flavors that will enhance any of your savory dishes.

The Warm Herb Seed Bundle includes 4 different varieties. Seed quantities are approximately 6 months of continuous growing in a single Flex Farm.

Bundle includes the following plants: 

Greek Oregano has a bold and earthy flavor with a slight bitterness. It is a great addition to a wide variety of dishes, from light salads to hefty sauces (approximately 400 unpelleted seeds).

Primed Rosemary is a woodsy aromatic herb and has notes of evergreen, citrus, lavender, and mint. This sturdy herb holds up extremely well to heat and prolonged cooking times (approximately 100 unpelleted seeds).

Sage has a pronounced herbal flavor that is earthy. It works well in heavier dishes with rich ingredients that can hold their own against such a bold flavor (approximately unpelleted 400 seeds).

Thyme has a sharp, slightly minty flavor. It is earthy with floral hints and is a little bit sweet and peppery. It has a subtle enough flavor so it blends well with other herbs (approximately unpelleted 400 seeds). 

View the Herb Grow Guide for growing instructions. These herb varieties have been verified by Fork Farms for Flex Farm growing.

Please note seed varieties may vary slightly due to availability. 

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