June 17, 2018


“Fork Farms has given the District the ability to meet our goal to have higher quality products that are fresher and grown locally, all without increasing costs.”

Brian Adesso – Director of Business Services

Menasha Joint School District, Menasha WI


“Our Fork Farms systems have greatly enhanced our ability to provide fresh, long-lasting produce to the food pantry recipients. We have been able to provide lettuce even when there is no other produce available from donations and our other resources. This has been a great way to encourage good nutrition at our food pantry, and demonstrate love by giving the best we have to offer.”

Abigail Miedaner – Volunteer

Lutheran Food Pantry, Oshkosh WI


“The Flex Farm  is revolutionary for education because it allows students and teachers to use it as a flexible, hands-on and interdisciplinary tool for teaching that goes beyond traditional “sit and get” teaching methods.”

Wendell Willis – Chief Operations Officer

Milwaukee Public Schools, Milwaukee WI


“It is difficult to engage students meaningfully with science concepts.  It is also a challenge to find activities that can be used across science disciplines, or across curricular areas.   But growing food in the classroom is one activity that can do these things and more. But that also presents challenges. 

 With hydroponics, teachers are able to facilitate hands-on learning within the walls of the classroom year-round without the issues associated with soil, weather, and lighting limitations.  The Fork Farm system is innovative because it simplifies the hydroponic approach, minimizes the footprint necessary, and has an integrated lighting system. Support for running the system is great, and the staff are always willing to answer questions and stop by to help.  Now, we are able to teach everything from the nitrogen cycle to the life cycle of plants to the benefits of healthy eating with one system. Issues of food safety, local food sourcing, sustainable agriculture, and food deserts come naturally with this system. And students are engaged with the system at every stage of the process, from seeding to harvesting, to packaging and selling.   This is a great addition to any classroom and school.”

Jason Stellmacher – High School Science Teacher

Appleton Area School District, Appleton WI


“The Fork Farms Flex Farm Machine is our front line hydroponic system. I have chosen this system for many reasons. This system is very easy to use, and requires little maintenance to operate. In today’s hydroponic industry, the Flex Farm stands well above other systems in terms of efficiency, versatility and square footage utilization, making it an easy choice to invest in.”

Steve Main – President

Fox Valley Hydro Farm LLC – Fox Crossings, WI


“The growing experience in the classroom has been very positive!  I have enjoyed having conversations with kids about healthy eating.  There is an enthusiasm behind growing something in the classroom. The students who have been helping with the process have a pride when talking to other students about being  the hydroponic grower. It has also been an easy learning curve with wonderful support from Fork Farms.”

Katie Grabner – Science Teacher

Maplewood Middle School – Menasha, WI


It has been a pleasure working with Fork Farms. As a Agriculture teacher in the Wausau School district we have tried numerous hydroponics systems in the classroom with varied results. This system is by far the best and most efficient unit we have used. After a couple days of training my students took ownership of the project, and ran both systems at Wausau East and West High School with little guidance from me. The result was massive harvests of lettuce that went to our high school food banks. Low income students were able to take home multiple meals of fresh produce because of their efforts. This summer students will be running the system to donate lettuce to our community food bank.  After seeing our results we plan to broaden our scope and begin offering free salad bars in our lunch rooms. The guys at Fork Farms are great to work with and really ensure that you are comfortable running the system after they set it up. In all it has been a great experience for my students with minimal extra time required from me. We look forward to experimenting with herbs and different varieties of lettuce next school year.

Joseph Staszak – Agricultural Sciences Teacher

Wausau High Schools, Wausau WI