The Flex-Connect allows you to maximize the benefits of vertical hydroponic farming technology by connecting four or more systems together with one centralized water system. The modular design significantly reduces your weekly farm maintenance time while increasing your energy and nutrient efficiency. Flex-Connect’s sleek, intelligent design will transform any indoor space into an easy-to-operate farming production.

  • Maintain only one water tank/supply
  • Increase harvest yields of fresh produce
  • Streamline operations and maintenance
  • Simplified water flow
  • Module design for easy expansion
  • Increased crop versatility
  • Configurations start at 4 Flex systems
  • Custom configurations available for existing Fork Farms customers



Connect multiple Flex systems together under one centralized watering system. Flex-Connect installations start at 4 Flex systems to maximize crop production, reduce maintenance time, and increase energy and nutrient efficiency. Installations options of 4 Flex systems, 8 Flex systems, and 16 Flex systems are available. Installations can be completed independently or with assistance from the Fork Farms team.

Flex-Connect installations can be used for commercial operations and to run a wider variety of crop types. Contact us for more details on additional automation opportunities.

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