• Agriculture technology company. Considered a social enterprise.
  • Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
  • Founded in 2012.
  • In partnership with TitletownTech, which is affiliated with the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft.
  • Mission to unleash the power of fresh food production for happier, healthier people.
  • 90% of our Flex Farm growers are in education, healthcare or community nonprofit.
  • Flex Farm is USA made and manufactured. Only the pump and LED lights are not Wisconsin-made. Other components come from a 100-mile radius of Fork Farms.


  • An indoor, vertical hydroponic growing system (requires zero soil, herbicides, or pesticides)
  • 288 unique plant spots for growing
  • Costs less than $1.00 per pound
  • Grow more than 25 lbs. Every 28-day cycle
  • Grow up to 394 lbs. of fresh food annually
  • Harvest up to 3,400 plants annually
  • Under 20 minutes assembly time
  • Only 1-3 hours per month to operate
  • Dishwasher safe panels
  • 98% more food production vs. traditional agriculture
  • 98% less water required vs. traditional agriculture
  • 40% more energy efficient vs. other hydroponic systems


  • Wisconsin Innovation 2021 Start-Up to Watch
  • Wisconsin Innovation Award – 2019
  • TEDx Featured Speaker – 2019
  • Insight Innovation Award – 2018

“We are very pleased with our Flex Farm and appreciate the support you have provided. We have nibbled on a few leaves and are looking forward to salads, herbs and greens with every meal. Friends and family are anxiously awaiting the first harvest! Our hope is to fulfill family and friend needs and reach out to local food pantries and homeless shelters.”

Katie Maloney and Mark Villwock – Home Users – Green Bay, WI

“Here in Algoma, we have embraced a “start small, scale-up” attitude towards collective action in our school district community. Reflective of that, our N.O.W. (Nourishing Our Wolves) Community Garden Center, located at the high school, has supplied enough lettuce for our salad bars with only ONE hydroponic unit.

Noticing our need for more produce, as our youth and our families are safer at home, we reached out to Fork Farms to purchase an additional hydroponic unit. Thanks to a generous and anonymous donor who believes in the way we lead, we now have not one – not two – but THREE hydroponic units.

In a few short weeks ahead, we will be able to scale-up our reach to our community – ensuring our youth and families have access to fresh produce.”

Teal VanLanen – Director of Improvement & Community Engagement, Live Algoma – Algoma, WI

“I just love our farm. People are always asking when our harvest will be so they get some. I think that is so great. I have told my board that my next big thing on my wish list is a second farm. They laugh. I smile. They know I will persist.

I think it would be awesome if every pantry had a Flex Farm. And, honestly, I think they would see the full value once started. I didn’t realize how impactful it would be. It has definitely been a huge blessing!”

Dale Davis – SWEPS Food Pantry – Wisconsin Rapids, WI

“At St. Joe’s, we constantly focus on providing the best nutrition we can for our client families. That’s why we are excited to have a long and beneficial partnership with Fork Farms to continue to positively impact the lives of the people we serve.”

Monica Clare – Executive Director, St. Joseph’s Food Program – Menasha, WI

“Our Flex Farms have greatly enhanced our ability to provide fresh, long-lasting produce to the food pantry recipients. We have been able to provide lettuce even when there is no other produce available from donations and our other resources. This has been a great way to encourage good nutrition at our food pantry, and demonstrate love by giving the best we have to offer.”

Abigail Miedaner –
Volunteer, Jericho Road Ministries Food Pantry – Oshkosh, WI

“The Flex Farm is revolutionary for education because it allows students and teachers to use it as a flexible, hands-on and interdisciplinary tool for teaching that goes beyond traditional ‘sit and get’ teaching methods.”

Wendell Willis – Executive Director, Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation – Milwaukee, WI