Home Grown Nutrition

Your health and happiness mean everything to us, which is why we want to provide a year-round gardening solution that feeds your needs. The Flex Farm has been compared to an indoor raised bed, able to grow a wide variety of crops constantly and cost effectively. Growing food that we trust is critical. This is why Flex Farms never use pesticides, herbicides or GMO seeds.

Imagine growing your own food, having it last for weeks in the refrigerator and never having to buy salad greens ever again. Then, envision how you’ll feel sharing the food you grow with family and friends.

Stay Happy

Can help you to fight the “Winter Blues”

20+ Crops

20+ crops can be grown at the same time

Easy to Use

No green thumb needed to operate a Flex Farm

Safe to Eat

Zero pesticides, herbicides and GMO seeds

$1 Per Pound

Grow produce for less than $1.00 per pound

"We are very pleased with our Flex Farm and appreciate the support you have provided. We have nibbled on a few leaves and are looking forward to salads, herbs and greens with every meal. Friends and family are anxiously awaiting the first harvest! Our hope is to fulfill family and friend needs and reach out to local food pantries and homeless shelters."

Katie Maloney and Mark Villwock

Home Users - Green Bay, WI