Partnership Development Director

Kim co-founded Northern Michigan University’s Indoor Agriculture program and served as the core faculty member and program coordinator. She has an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Central Michigan University, with her research focusing on plant biology education and women’s experiences in the newly emerging STEM field of indoor agriculture. Kim has taught biology and science education and served as a STEM education consultant for the Glenn T. Seaborg Math and Science Center. She also owned a specialty cut flower farm and flower shop.

Kim is passionate about addressing food insecurity and increasing health and well-being by empowering people to grow their own food and localizing food sourcing community by community. Before joining the team, Kim worked with the Fork Farms team as an educational institution partner for two years. The Flex Farm provided students in her labs with their culminating commercial crop production experience. Kim believes all people benefit from working directly with plants.

Kim embraces any time spent with family, friends, and in the outdoors. She loves gardening, hiking, snorkeling, playing tennis, doing artwork, reading, cooking, playing euchre, and traveling. She married her husband, Michael, in her favorite place, Hawaii, and has two grown children, Abby and Seth. A fun fact is that Kim has been practicing yoga for 35 years.