Partnership Development Director

Anne’s first job at a family-run farm at age 14 and the neat rows of beautiful veggies in her family’s garden sparked an early love of farming, and she has always found ways to grow her own food ever since. Her love of growing food made her a natural fit for the Fork Farms team, which she now represents as a Partnership Development Director, based in Ohio.

Anne has over 15 years of experience leading interdisciplinary teams and implementing federally-funded research projects. She founded and directed a company in the apparel industry for which she oversaw product design, manufacturing, web development, fulfillment, and business and financial management.

Stepping into the world of green things, indoors and out, puts her to rights, and her tiny yard is packed with native pollinator-friendly and edible plants. She built a monarch butterfly enclosure where neighbors can peer in on caterpillars and chrysalides in all their stages and release monarchs to begin their journey to Mexico.