Operations Leader

Kat has a background in financial services and insurance, with specialties in leadership, process improvements, data analytics, and strategy planning. Kat is a Lean Six Sigma black belt with a passion for ops.

Kat personally experienced the healing power of food when she woke up with peripheral neuropathy in their right foot in 2016. Using food to reduce inflammation in their body, she amazed the doctors with their healing. Kat believes that everyone deserves access to fresh nutritious food, and loves the sense of community that hyper-localized food creates. Kat’s family has been a member of community-supported agriculture (CSA) with Park Ridge Organics for more than a decade and they do most of their shopping and eating at locally-owned and operated establishments.

Kat is married and has a teenage daughter. True to her roots, Kat loves spending time with her family and handsome dog Jack camping in the woods up north. Kat has many hobbies, but her favorites involve plants, primarily gardening and cooking plant-based meals.