Partnership Development Leader

Abigail worked in the mental health field for three years post-college as a Mental Health Rehab Worker (MHRW) and then in an Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) position. In 2020 her family started a Flex Farm-only hydroponic farm known as KAIROS Indoor Ag and she functioned as the operations director for a little over a year.

While working at her family’s hydroponic farm, Abigail fell in love with the Flex Farm’s capacity to grow food and transform communities as it had done in her community. Her family worked closely with the Fork Farms team and she was lucky enough to share many dinners with them in her home. When she began considering a position with them she knew she’d have phenomenal coworkers; which made her decision even easier.

Abigail is likely to be found hiking with her dogs, tending to her plants; indoor and outdoor, reading, or in pursuit of a chai latte.