Leveraging the Flex Farm for Nonprofits

At Fork Farms, we believe that having consistent access to the freshest, highest quality food is a human right. That is why we invented the Flex Farm, to break down barriers and transform the way people, organizations, and communities engage in fresh food production. We know our technology is a true catalyst for change and believe anyone can be a farmer.

The Flex Farm provides a low-cost and effective way to grow yield after yield of nourishing food. Its patent design allows growers to produce a significant amount of fresh food in only 10 square feet of indoor space. The system is energy efficient and only uses minimal amounts of water and electricity. Furthermore, the Flex Farm does not require the use of herbicides or pesticides.

The Flex Farm has the power to bring communities together. We seek to develop strategic partnerships with organizations that share our values and work to address overarching inequality in our food system. We provide access to in-kind expert fundraising resources, best practice information, and peer-to-peer sharing opportunities.

Less than a dollar

Cost less than $1.00 per pound

Grow more than 25 lbs. Every 28 day cycle

Only 2-3 hours per month

crop versatility

Crop Versatility


Fundraising Resources


St. Joseph Food Program
At St. Joe's, we constantly focus on providing the best nutrition we can for our client families. That’s why we are excited to have a long and beneficial partnership with Fork Farms to continue to positively impact the lives of the people we serve.

Monica Clare

Executive Director


Having a Flex Farm has been such a blessing to extend our growing season. To offer this opportunity of planting, nurturing, and harvesting something you cared for, is a very satisfying thing to do. It’s so wonderful we can provide a garden opportunity for more people and to hopefully impact their health and wellbeing.

Jill Rasmussen

Executive Director