Growing Food that Matters

Social service providers all over the United States are looking for ways to increase access to fresh, healthy foods. Indoor agriculture can be a vehicle for social change which is why we want to help you be successful in your indoor farming endeavors. As part of our partnership development approach, each nonprofit is provided a fundraising toolkit to help you engage your donor community in all the meaningful, innovative work that you do. We also provide access to in-kind expert fundraising resources, best practice information and peer-to-peer sharing opportunities. Please contact us directly for additional information.

We believe in the power of fresh food and bringing it to those that need it most. We live to work with people like you, who are trying to make a difference in the lives of real people and, hopefully, make the world a better place.


Multi-Sector Partnership in Action - Jericho Road Ministries, UW-Oshkosh & Aurora Health Care

Flex Farms have the power to bring communities together. A four-way partnership between Jericho Road Ministries Food Pantry, UW-Oshkosh, Aurora Health Care and Fork Farms feeds hundreds of food insecure families at the food pantry while providing education and community service opportunities to students.

Easy to Use

Requires on average 30 min per week

Safe to Eat

Zero pesticides, herbicides and GMO seeds

Serve 1,900

Up to 1,900 families can be served per year

$1 Per Pound

Produce can be grown for less than $1 per pound

Save Energy

30,000+ kilowatt hours saved per year

Our Flex Farms have greatly enhanced our ability to provide fresh, long-lasting produce to the food pantry recipients. We have been able to provide lettuce even when there is no other produce available from donations and our other resources. This has been a great way to encourage good nutrition at our food pantry, and demonstrate love by giving the best we have to offer.

Abigail Miedaner

Volunteer, Jericho Road Ministries Food Pantry - Oshkosh WI