Inspiring a Healthy Future

Leveraging the Flex Farm within Healthcare

Community health goes far beyond what occurs within the walls of a hospital or clinic. It focuses on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle to support the community as a whole. Access to a reliable, local source of healthy food is a key component to community initiatives as health starts with the foods that we consume.

The Flex Farm program works to educate and inspire children and adults to make healthy food choices. It supports healthy food environments where children learn and where people work and live in their communities by ensuring healthy foods such as fresh leafy greens and vegetables are abundantly accessible.

Furthermore, it provides a physical engagement point where data can be collected and utilized for health determination studies providing evidence to support your community-based initiatives.

Having a Flex Farm program at the community level inspires healthy living, helps prevent chronic diseases and brings the greatest health benefits to the greatest number of people in need through access to fresh healthy foods.

Dollar Cost

Cost less than $1.00 per pound

Grow more than 25 lbs. Every 28 day cycle

Only 1-3 hours per month


Harvest up to 3,400 plants annually


Point for Data Collection & Research

ARTICLE: How rural Wisconsin is embedding hyperlocal food production in community spaces

By Alex Tyink and Megan Pirelli


Marshfield Clinic Health System
This partnership is about what we can do together. We saw the value; we saw how it could help our rural communities. We hope to move the needle on food insecurity in our communities. We believe it’s the right thing to do, for a lot of reasons including health and that individuals should have access to fresh healthy foods.

Jay Shrader

Vice President, Community Health and Wellness at Marshfield Clinic


Orthopedic Institute of the Fox Valley
To have this initiative and work with Fork Farms to help the wellbeing of people - it sets us apart once again. Patients come in and they know their health is important just by having this partnership.

Tammy Williams

Chief Operating Officer, Orthopedic & Sports Institute of the Fox Valley