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The Fork Farms Foundation is working to end hunger by making fresh, healthy food accessible. By investing in the Foundation, we can invest in solutions and intentionally convene strategic partners in the communities we serve to further this vision, together.

Access to fresh food is a human right

There is no excuse for children to go hungry in America. Yet it happens every day, in every community. Today, there are an estimated 17 million children struggling with hunger. That’s 6 million more than before the pandemic – 2.7 million more families.

Facing hunger also means making sacrifices. Studies show that 84% of households served by a national hunger relief organization reported buying the cheapest food — instead of healthy food — in order to provide enough to eat.

Student with Salad Lunch

Our Initiatives

Flex Farm Grant Program

$1MM in grants to place 200 Flex Farms in schools, including wraparound services, teaching tools and two years of growing supplies

Happy Student with Salad Lunch

The Flex Farm grant program raises funds to distribute Flex Farms and wraparound support services to schools  to remove barriers to fresh, healthy food. The Flex Farm system utilizes hydroponic technology – water – to grow up to 25 lbs of fresh, leafy greens each month without having to worry about climate, soil conditions, or even sunlight. The yield from a single Flex Farm can feed up to 50 kids each week. Each grant also includes access to the Flex Farm education curriculum and four years of product support and supplies (nutrients, seeds, etc.). Grant applications will open in Q3 2022.

Capacity Building Grants

$500K to provide capacity building grants to local organizations fighting food insecurity in unique and innovative ways

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The Fork Farms Foundation seeks to support and connect local organizations and individuals who have implemented scalable solutions that mitigate food insecurity in their communities. We believe that more can be done when people collaborate, which is why we will provide grant funding and wraparound support to organizations that foster innovative, cooperative approaches that address food insecurity. More details will be announced in Q3 2022.

Hear more from those impacted

“I hope students working with the Flex Farm experience the happiness and joy I have in seeing their seedlings grow. I also hope it inspires many people – both students and teachers – to make a difference in the world, help us change for the better.”

Student, Lake Bluff Elementary, Shorewood, WI

“I believe that when students are an active part of the growing process, they are more likely to eat better. The Flex Farm is a perfect way to engage students in this regard.”

Charlie Uihlein, Executive Director, Teens Grow Greens

“Engaging students in the growing process builds pride in the product and makes people likely to choose to eat what they produce. Access to healthy, good-tasting lettuce will also increase the health of our students and may lead to more positive eating choices that could have a lasting impact on future health.”

Jeff Schmid, Biology Teacher, Two Rivers High School

“The Flex Farm is a product that will not only engage students via a curriculum that can be incorporated into the classroom, but will also provide an opportunity to study the impact of improved access to fresh healthy food for students and their families.”

Nathan Larson, Executive Director, Restorative Places; Co-founder, Wisconsin School Garden Network

“Something that has surprised me about the Flex Farm is how it could change the world. It’s a small thing doing an awfully big job and that amazes me.”

Student, Lake Bluff Elementary School, Shorewood, WI

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