The Fork Farms team at the Wisconsin Innovation Awards 2019

Fork Farms LLC Announced as Winner of the Wisconsin Innovation Award


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MADISON, WI – During the Wisconsin Innovation Awards ceremony, Fork Farms LLC received the Wisconsin Innovation Award for product design. The event was held at the Wisconsin Union Theater, located on the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus on October 9, 2019.

Of the thirty-one companies and nonprofit organizations selected as finalists for the 2019 Wisconsin Innovation Awards, Fork Farms LLC was the sole representative of Northeast Wisconsin. Over 400 businesses, products, and services from around the state were nominated. The finalists were selected by a panel of twenty-one statewide industry experts.

Fork Farms LLC is an innovative agriculture technology company specializing in indoor hydroponics. Flex Farms, the indoor hydroponic systems developed by Fork Farms, are safe, simple, and versatile. They produce leafy vegetables and herbs for a fraction of the price when compared to alternative traditional and hydroponic growing methods. Driven by their mission to unleash the power of food production for happier, healthier people, Fork Farms LLC partners with schools, food service companies, nonprofits, commercial growers, and more across the United States.

President of Fork Farms Alex Tyink is thrilled that the company has been recognized as one of Wisconsin’s innovative industry leaders.

“I knew we were onto something when we discovered the Flex Farm was more resource-efficient and cost-effective than any other indoor farming system on our radar,” said Tyink. “Being able to help change the lives of so many through relationships with all of our wonderful partners is extremely rewarding.”

The Fork Farms team hopes being recognized as a 2019 Wisconsin Innovation Award winner creates excitement for growing a fresher future throughout Wisconsin and beyond. Every person, business, or organization that joins the Fork Farms community brings us one step closer to repairing our broken food system and growing a fresher future for all. Anyone interested in supporting or partnering with Fork Farms is encouraged to get in touch today.

Fork Farms LLC is an agricultural technology company based in Appleton, Wisconsin. Our flagship product the Flex Farm is a highly efficient indoor hydroponic growing system that puts the power to grow fresh, affordable produce into the hands of our partners all across the nation. Fork Farms has been involved in hundreds of indoor farm installations throughout the United States with partnering schools, nonprofit organizations, families, corporate cafeterias and more. We believe in the power of good food, and we have made it our mission to unleash the power of food production for happier, healthier people.

The Wisconsin Innovation Awards (WIA) connects and showcases innovators throughout the state of Wisconsin, across industries and organizations of all shapes and sizes. By producing and providing educational media content, organizing a statewide network of experts willing to mentor and support each other, and hosting events that highlight groundbreaking work, WIA is building a lasting legacy of instruction inspired by Wisconsin’s thinkers, makers, creators, and designers. WIA fosters innovation in this state and helps shine a light on companies throughout the state that have transformational ideas. For more information on the Wisconsin Innovation Awards, please contact Molly Walsh at 608.698.5890 or [email protected]

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