Unleash the power of fresh food in your home

We believe anyone can be a farmer. With Flex Farm Home you can grow your own fresh food year-round with the most efficient hydroponic technology on the planet.

Join Flex Farm Home:
    • Grow fresh food with your own Flex Farm indoor farm
    • 288 plant spaces for greens, herbs, tomatoes and more
    • Seeds and supplies shipped directly to you every three months
    • Less than 15 minutes of maintenance per week
    • Access to growing tips and support through our growers’ community, Farmative
    • Reduce food and packaging waste and nourish your family with zero pesticides or chemicals

Discover the Flex Farm

Experience simple, abundant growing with the Flex Farm and nourish your household with the most energy-efficient indoor farm, while using less energy and creating less waste.


What our customers have to say

We are very pleased with our Flex Farm and appreciate the support you have provided. We have nibbled on a few leaves and are looking forward to salads, herbs and greens with every meal. Friends and family are anxiously awaiting the first harvest! Our hope is to fulfill family and friend needs and reach out to local food pantries and homeless shelters.


Katie and Mark, Home Users – Green Bay, WI

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to maintain a Flex Farm?

On average, you can expect to spend about 1 – 3 hours per month maintaining your Flex Farm. This includes the time it takes to plant seeds, transplant your seedlings, and harvesting.

What is hydroponic farming?

Hydroponics: The “hydro,” or “water,” is key to growing in this form. Hydroponic farms do not use soil but do have a growing medium, such as Rockwool. Hydroponic plants need nutrients and can be grown in vertical racks, towers, or vertical panels.

What can I grow in a Flex Farm?

The Flex Farm is optimized to grow all varieties of leafy greens such as lettuces and culinary herbs. Our partners have seen success growing cucumbers, strawberries, peppers, tomatoes and even pumpkins. Imagination and experimentation are the keys to unlocking the full potential, we’re still making discoveries ourselves!

What’s included in the Flex Farm?

Each Flex Farm comes with everything you need to start growing for your first few months. Plus, your purchase includes free access to farmative, our digital platform to access growing resources and connect with the Flex Farm community.”

Each Flex Farm purchase includes:

  • Light tower
  • LED growing lights
  • Submersible pump
  • Grower kit
    • TDS meter
    • pH test kit
    • Measuring cup
    • Measuring spoons
    • Small bristle brush
  • Grow Supply Kit
    • Rockwool flats
    • Nursery tray
    • pH down
    • pH up
    • Nutrient A
    • Nutrient B
    • Pelleted seeds
Who is the Flex Farm for?

Fork Farms believes that anyone can be a farmer. The Flex Farm is for anyone with a desire to grow highly nutritious, chemical-free, fresh food year-round, indoors. Indoor farming is revolutionizing the way we bring fresh and healthy food to our communities.

How many pounds of food can I grow in a Flex Farm?

That all depends on what you plant! Some plant varieties weigh more than others. It also depends if you are growing leafy greens, herbs, or fruiting plants such as strawberries and tomatoes. Overall, we say a Flex Farm has the capacity to grow more than 20 pounds of leafy greens every 28 day grow cycle.

How much does it cost to operate a Flex Farm?

At the national average of $0.13 per kWh, it costs approximately $16.85 per month in electricity to operate a Flex Farm for the recommended 16 hours per daylight cycle. Other costs include, growing supplies such as seeds, nutrients, and Rockwool (grow medium). On average, most people budget about $300 per year.

How much energy does it take to run a Flex Farm?

Each Flex Farm requires a 40W pump which runs continuously and six LED lights which each draw 40W for an average of 16 hours daily. Therefore, at any given time, you’re only ever drawing 280W per Flex Farm.