Growing Healthy Futures

Educators everywhere are searching for ways to bring their classroom lessons to life. Finding a learning tool that’s interesting, engaging and hands on is a win-win. Flex Farms offer a multi-disciplinary approach that makes learning fun and instantly engaging. The short turnaround time between planting and harvesting also really drives home lesson plans.

With a robust curriculum package, the Flex Farm is an innovative tool for STEM applications. Students learn while growing high-quality, nutritious produce. Fresh, student-grown crops are then used in school food programs, donated to local food pantries and incorporated into micro-enterprise and fundraising projects.

Fork Farms is here to help you produce engaged learners AND bountiful crops. It’s easy! Order a Flex Farm, follow the Grow Guide and enjoy the learning and your many harvests.

Whitman Middle School, Milwaukee Public Schools

Eleven Flex Farms have been placed in Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS). Many of them in the inner city where fresh, healthy food is not readily available. Flex Farms are empowering students to grow their own fresh produce and serving as a platform to learn healthy life habits. MPS can now produce over 3,200 servings of lettuce each month for its students. Not only are they eating better, but they are also learning something at the same time.

Comprehensive Curriculum for K-12 provided

Can grow up to 25 lbs of leafy greens in 28 days

One system produces over 1,900 servings of leafy greens annually

Costs less than $15 monthly to run

Can be operated and maintained in less than 1-2 hours a week

Why bring Flex Farms into your classroom?

We believe that growing your own food promotes healthy eating habits and a close connection to the living world around us. Children, particularly in urban areas, often don’t have the space or time to learn to grow food outdoors. When placed in schools, Flex Farms give kids the opportunity to learn about agriculture while providing nutritious food to encourage lifelong healthy eating habits.

Our comprehensive K-12 Curriculum Package, focused on STEM education, healthy eating, business applications and more, can be added to any Flex Farm purchase. Students can easily maintain Flex Farms with limited supervision. Crops grow quickly – giving kids the opportunity to see the literal fruits of their labor without having to wait an entire summer. Or winter for that matter, because Flex Farms can operate year-round.

The Flex Farm is revolutionary for education because it allows students and teachers to use it as a flexible, hands-on and interdisciplinary tool for teaching that goes beyond traditional “sit and get” teaching methods.

Wendell Willis

Executive Director, Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation - Milwaukee, WI