Inspiring the Next Generation

Leveraging the Flex Farm within Education

Educators have found that the Flex Farm is an engaging cross-curricular learning tool that goes well beyond the expected STEM and health-oriented applications. The robust, turnkey curriculum package offers hands-on, cross-curricular learning opportunities for grades K–12.

Students learn while growing high-quality, nutritious produce. Fresh, student-grown crops can be used in school food programs, donated to local food pantries and incorporated into micro-enterprise and fundraising projects.

Installing a Flex Farm at your school opens up unlimited programming opportunities. From getting students excited about planting your first crop, to inspiring changes in perceptions of healthy foods, Flex Farm will help you engage your students in the fresh food movement like never before.

Dollar Cost

Cost less than $1.00 per pound

Grow more than 25 lbs. Every 28 day cycle

Only 1-3 hours per month


Harvest up to 3,400 plants annually


Point for Data Collection & Research

Case Study: Food Perception Changes through Indoor Farming


Governor Mifflin School District
This was such an authentic project-based learning experience for the kids. For them to be able to grow produce and brainstorm what we could do with that produce to make a difference in our world was really powerful.

Rachel Sebastian

Innovation Teacher


Woodridge School District 68
Our school is heavy into service-learning. We had the kids brainstorm about what they believed an issue the community faces. They suggested hunger. We engaged with a local pantry and the kids grew fresh lettuce to be donated. It was an amazing opportunity because it encouraged students to think about how they could improve their community and gave them the ability to take action themselves.

Cassandra Graff