Fork Farms founded as an independent contractor building rooftop and indoor gardens for schools and food programs in New York, initial product research focused on lowering operating costs of indoor agriculture.



26 product prototype iterations built. Core intellectual property discovered.



Patent awarded. Business moves to Wisconsin. First Flex Farm prototype built out of wood in a garage.



8 field-test installations of Flex Farm Generation 1 (made out of stainless steel) with support from Goodwill Industries. First prototype donated by Bassett Mechanical.



Resounding positive product and program feedback from community leads to family and friends capital round and engineering of Generation 2 Flex Farm. Partnership with Feeding America established.



Generation 2 Flex Farm launches (made out of recyclable plastic) and 30 installations completed. Environmental efficiencies and commercial viability proven.



Seed capital round raises $750K. 95 Flex Farm installations. First commercial-scale installation commences (2,000 sq ft). Fork Farms wins THINC! Innovation Award.



Generation 3 launches, opening global shipping capability. Over 200 Flex Farm installations completed across 10 states. Gardan Inc. formalized as a fulfillment partner. FIRST Educational Resources develops custom K-12 curriculum. Taher Inc., a food service company based in Minneapolis, MN, begins providing Flex Farms to its clients. Fork Farms enters into multiple product distributor agreements.



Launch of Flex Farm Generation 4. The Generation 4 Flex Farm is the latest and greatest innovation in indoor, vertical farming technology. Over 500 Flex Farm installations completed in 22 states and Canada.



Moved headquarters to TitletownTech in Green Bay Wisconsin. TitletownTech is a partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft. TitletownTech builds and funds early-stage high-growth businesses.

What Fork Farmers are saying

“As a former science teacher and current curriculum resource for our district, I want to compliment Fork Farms on the high quality of the Flex Farm. The ease of use of the components and well-thought-out design make it very usable in the classroom. Having the curriculum materials available allows teachers to incorporate this wonderful resource into their teaching as part of the core instruction and not just a stand-alone project.”

Dr. Georgia Kraus, District Curriculum Coordinator

“This was such an authentic project-based learning experience for the kids. For them to be able to grow produce and brainstorm what we could do with that produce to make a difference in our world was really powerful.”

Rachel Sebastian,  Innovation Teacher

“I love the idea of students being able to garden year-round and not be limited by the winter weather. As an educator, I knew students would see the Flex Farm and they would be automatically drawn to it. Having this system allows them to see their progress throughout a growing cycle. It’s amazing how chemistry is involved, checking the pH level and nutrient level on a daily basis. When kids notice something is going wrong or if there is an issue, I let them figure it out. It’s really fun to watch them see success and use their problem-solving skills.”

Emily Bennett, High School Teacher

“Our school is heavy into service-learning. We had the kids brainstorm about what they believed was an issue the community faces. They suggested hunger. We engaged with a local pantry and the kids grew fresh lettuce to be donated. It was an amazing opportunity because it encouraged students to think about how they could improve their community and gave them the ability to take action themselves.”

Cassandra Graff, Teacher

“We are very pleased with our Flex Farm and appreciate the support you have provided. We have nibbled on a few leaves and are looking forward to salads, herbs and greens with every meal. Friends and family are anxiously awaiting the first harvest! Our hope is to fulfill family and friend needs and reach out to local food pantries and homeless shelters.”

Katie and Mark, Home Users – Green Bay, WI

“The Flex Farm is revolutionary for education because it allows students and teachers to use it as a flexible, hands-on and interdisciplinary tool for teaching that goes beyond traditional ‘sit and get’ teaching methods.”

Wendell Willis, Former Chief Operations Officer

“The Fork Farm system is innovative because it simplifies the hydroponic approach, minimizes the footprint necessary, and has an integrated lighting system. Support for running the system is great, and the staff are always willing to answer questions and stop by to help. Now, we are able to teach everything from the nitrogen cycle to the life cycle of plants to the benefits of healthy eating with one system. Students are engaged with the system at every stage of the process, from seeding to harvesting, to packaging and selling. This is a great addition to any classroom and school.”

Jason Stellmacher, High School Science Teacher