Where can I find other seed varieties?

If you are interested in purchasing additional seeds, Johnny’s Selected Seeds is a reliable source for a wide variety of high-quality seeds. We highly recommend using pelleted seed whenever possible. Pelleted seeds are easier to handle and the clay coating provides extra moisture to the seed so it doesn’t dry out.

Do you provide fundraising for nonprofits?

Absolutely! We are experienced in helping organizations connect with funding opportunities. We offer a Philanthropy Tool Kit and fundraising assistance for qualifying organizations. Contact us at info@forkfarms.com or give us a call at 877.886.7736.

How can I access farmative?

farmative is available for free to Flex Farm users. You can shop the Flex Farm here!

What do you charge for shipping?

A standard flat rate shipping charge of $133 per Flex Farm is applied to contiguous continental United States orders.  Additional shipping charges apply to orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping charges are calculated and applied during checkout. Please contact Fork Farms directly for a shipping quote or to request expedited shipping.

Fork Farms currently only accepts online orders from the lower 48 United States, Alaska and Hawaii. Contact Fork Farms directly for international or United States territory orders.

Is Fork Farms on social media?

Yes! Stay connected with us and up to date on all the latest Fork Farms news! We also have a Flex Farm Growers Group on Facebook for our community of Fork Farmers to share their growing experiences.

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What is farmative?

farmative is a digital platform to access transformative and collaborative tools for your best Flex Farm growing experience. Through farmative, you can access growing resources and programming tools; purchase grow supplies easily online; and connect with the Fork Farms community. farmative is free for all Flex Farm users.

Why did Fork Farms stop shipping 35% concentrated hydrogen peroxide? How does this impact cleaning and growing instructions?

We recently found through testing that use of 35% hydrogen peroxide has minimal impact to keep your Flex Farm clean and reduce algae growth. We stopped shipping this product effective September 6th, 2021, to reduce our environmental impact through shipped plastic, and to provide a safer and cleaner growing experience.

Please follow the deep cleaning instructions in the Grow Guide using a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution available at most drug and grocery stores. There is no need to dilute the 3% solution; simply spray or wipe onto your Flex Farm to clean. For growing, we no longer recommend adding hydrogen peroxide to your water supply during the growing cycle.

If you have been using 35% hydrogen peroxide, please note that you can continue to use this safely by following previous recommendations. We suggest replacing it with a 3% hydrogen peroxide once you run out for cleaning purposes and discontinuing the addition of hydrogen peroxide in your water supply.