Classic Herb Seed Bundle

Grow herbs in your Flex Farm to add freshness and flavor to your favorite meals. The Classic Herb Seed Bundle includes 6 different common herb varieties. Seed quantities are for approximately 6 months of continuous growing in a single Flex Farm. 

Bundle Includes:

Dolores Chives grows uniform, slender leaves. It has a mild garlicky onion flavor. (Approximately 400 Unpelleted Seeds)

Santo Cilantro is slow bolting with densely packed leaves. It has a strong fresh, citrusy flavor. (Approximately 400 Unpelleted Seeds)

Genovese Basil grows glossy, deep green leaves and is a semi-compact plant. It has a fresh, slightly minty flavor with hints of clove. (Approximately 200 Pelleted Seeds)

Sweet Thai Basil grows long, slender leaves. The leaves have a spicy, anise/clove flavor. (Approximately 400 Unpelleted Seeds)

Teddy Dill is slow-bolting with full, densely packed leaves. It has a bright and sweet flavor most commonly associated with dill pickles. (Approximately 400 Unpelleted Seeds)

Giant of Italy Parsley grows huge, dark green leaves with great flavor. (Approximately 400 Unpelleted Seeds)

View the Herb Grow Guide for growing instructions. These herb varieties have been verified by Fork Farms for Flex Farm growing. Please note seed varieties may vary slightly due to availability. 

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