Seed capital round raises $750K. 95 Flex Farm installations. First commercial-scale installation commences (2,000 sq ft). Fork Farms wins THINC! Innovation Award.


Generation 2 Flex Farm launches (made out of recyclable plastic) and 30 installations completed. Environmental efficiencies and commercial viability proven.


Resounding positive product and program feedback from community leads to family and friends capital round and engineering of Generation 2 Flex Farm. Partnership with Feeding America established.


8 field-test installations of Flex Farm Generation 1 (made out of stainless steel) with support from Goodwill Industries. First prototype donated by Bassett Mechanical.


Patent awarded. Business moves to Wisconsin. First Flex Farm prototype built out of wood in a garage.


26 product prototype iterations built. Core intellectual property discovered.


Fork Farms founded as an independent contractor building rooftop and indoor gardens for schools and food programs in New York. Initial product research focused on lowering operating costs of indoor agriculture.